Natural Angus is 
Better Beef &
Better Business


The Natural Angus business model is simple. Better tasting beef means bigger demand which is better business for breeders. 

So, when you choose Natural Angus for your herd, you are investing in an animal from an integrated environmental, genetic and ethical program designed to optimise your return from best practice breeding, development and nurturing techniques. 


Advanced Genetic Line

Carefully advancing and monitoring the development of genetic lines over more than half a century has ensured that Natural Angus animals produce premium quality beef. The improved muscle content and better marbling scores from Natural Angus genetics can potentially deliver higher profits to your business. 

Best Pastures & Practices 

Bred with care in pristine high-country and tablelands pastures, Natural Angus provides the perfect, free-range environment for stress-free animals, where herds roam together as nature intended. Holistic grazing management and adherence to best horticultural practice ensures bio-diversity in regenerating soils and grasses that provide sustainable pastures naturally rich in nutrients. 


Better Beef

Natural Angus produces genetics that deliver gourmet beef with mouth-watering consumer appeal, that’s tender, higher in Omega-3, lower in fat and more nutrient dense. Producing tender cuts, succulent steaks and huge market appeal, its Wagyu-style is healthier, and the pasture-fed beef simply tastes better. 

The Market Difference

Natural Angus produces animals prized for their marbled-meat and enhanced taste. With less saturated fats, less cholesterol and mono-unsaturated fats, Natural Angus beef is high-quality taste with better outcomes for cattle, better health outcomes for consumers and better economic outcomes for producers.


The Right Business Choice

Your choice of Natural Angus is a business investment in guaranteed genetic quality, animal excellence and ultimately higher commercial returns. Grass-fed, chemical-free beef, rich in antioxidants and trace minerals is becoming the natural, healthier choice of consumers in Australia and around the world. 


First-Ever Sale

Now, Auctions Plus, Australia’s most trusted online livestock auction platform, in conjunction with Ruralco Stud Stock presents an exciting offering of 40 Natural Angus bulls and 50 Natural Angus Future Breeders – PTIC and Unjoined for sale on Friday 18 May 2018. This is your opportunity to become part of the Natural Angus success.

For more information on this not-to-be-missed auction, contact

Harvey Weyman-Jones
Ruralco Stud Stock
M: 0414 941 788


Participating Producers

Three well-known Australian breeders are participating in the Natural Angus program. Each is committed to the high genetic standards, ethical practices, professional techniques and environmental sustainability required in producing beef of exceptional quality and consumer appeal. 

Kunuma Angus Stud (Monaro-Snowy Mountains) 

The cool, high country pastures of the Monaro-Snowy Mountains region provide the perfect breeding ground for Australia’s finest Angus herds. Located above 4,000 feet, with frequent snowfalls in winter and cool summers, Kunuma Angus Stud is the highest in the region at the top of Australia. 

Kunuma Angus Stud has gained a nationwide reputation for cattle of consistent quality and bloodlines. Good genetic merits and strong breeding values combine with Kunuma Angus Stud’s unique high-country environment to produce progeny of outstanding quality. 

With experience handed down over five generations, the Lynch family prides itself on quality control and the nurturing of animals to an exceptional standard. 

Brown Mountain Angus Stud (Bungarby & Bemboka) 

Founded in 2003, Brown Mountain Angus Stud has spent the past 15 years selecting and refining their herd. Spread across two properties in Bungarby and Bemboka, Brown Mountain Stud has focused on calm, easy calving, sound, fertile bloodlines with the best grass-fed beef possible. The Brown Mountain herd has generally low birth weights while retaining high scrotal, positive fat and high marbling scores. 

Brown Mountain Angus breeding stocks roam on 1,000 hectares on the Monaro property, with bulls and heifers at the home property at Bemboka. Breeding animals are selected on fertility rates and required temperament. 

Alloura Angus Stud (Yass, Southern Tablelands) 

Located near Yass, Alloura Angus Stud produces superior genetics in animals that reflect significant value. For over 18 years, the focus has been on developing predictable, reliable genetics that work in commercial conditions providing clients with potential for optimum return on investment. 

Alloura cattle are rigorously assessed for structure, type and productive capacity. Breeding philosophy starts with the fundamentals of good structure, quiet temperament, fertility and calving ease. Bulls are bred with superior marbling and productive merit to meet key domestic and export markets for Australian Angus cattle. EBV packages allow buyers to select bulls with data to best suit their market and management systems. 

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Kunuma Angus Stud

Dean Lynch 0419 295954


Alloura Angus Stud

02 6226 4406

Mark Wales  0417 677 947 and Mandy Wales 0407 450 192

Alloura 598 Goodhope Road, Yass, NSW, 2582


Brown Mountain Angus Stud

Rosemary Hack 0412 813 109 or 02 6493 0433